Firstly, are you in search of where you can buy backwoods online?If so, search no more because you can get backwoods here easily. You may have also search for terms like backwoods cigars, backwoods flavors, backwood blunt, honey backwoods, banana backwoods, backwood cigar, BackWoods flavors, backwood.Having been in the mid 1970s, Backwood have become extraordinary compare to other selling stogies in the USA. A straightforward thought is at the core of the organization – utilize just 100% characteristic tobacco, a clever thought for an enhance stogie organization. This implies their items do exclude included flavorings or synthetic substances, simply incredible tobacco.

BackWood Cigars

Moreover, backwood cigars are ideal as an everyday smoke for all levels of smokers. Machine-made by Altadis U.S.A. in the Dominican Republic, these cigars utilize all-natural tobaccos and come in an array of flavors. Best Cigar Prices is your source for the best deals on Backwood.

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Backwood is a brand of natural wrap cigars and cigarillos sold in the United States. It is known for its distinctive packaging and appearance with a fray end, tapered body and unfinish head. Backwood cigars are currently manufactured and sold by Altadis U.S.A., Inc., which is the American subsidiary of French/Spanish-based Altadis S.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are machine cigars.

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Lastly, in the event that you might want to appreciate Backwood Cigars, at that point you get the chance to look over the absolute best flavors on the planet. The Original Wild ‘n Mild flavor allures smokers all around the globe. The Black ‘N Sweet interests to increasingly advanced smokers. The Sweet Aromatic flavor makes an incredible present for the uncommon individual in your life. The Honey Berry flavor is a hit with more youthful smokers, however a lot of veterans like it too. These stogies originate from such an extraordinary industrial facility, that all the flavors can engage you in case you’re in the state of mind for them.


  • Black and Aromatic
  • Wild N Mild
  • Honey Berry
  • Honey
  • Sweet Aromatic


Please make a list of all the flavors you want and add any which you dont find on the list as not all are listed


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